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Momentum Coffee's Journey of Growth and Empowerment

Momentum Coffee's Journey of Growth and Empowerment
Posted on November 18th, 2023

As a leading coffee shop in the city, Momentum Coffee has been providing exceptional coffee and a welcoming atmosphere since opening its doors in May 2020. Over the years, the company has experienced tremendous growth and success, expanding to multiple locations across Chicago, including the recent opening of Momentum Coffee North Lawndale, Momentum Coffee Englewood, and the upcoming opening of Momentum Coffee Austin. In this blog post, we celebrate Momentum Coffee's journey of expansion and community engagement.

Commitment to Quality and Community

Momentum Coffee's mission is to provide premium coffee, tea, sandwiches, and pastries across its five locations in Chicago. The coffee shops are intentionally located in under-resourced areas to serve as an economic driver in the neighborhoods they serve. The coffee-forward drinks, superior customer service, and cozy shops are designed as places to connect the community.

The Early Years

Momentum Coffee started its journey in May 2020, with the opening of its first location in the South Loop. From the beginning, the company focused on delivering an elevated coffee experience, sourcing premium beans and partnering with reputable suppliers. The coffee shop quickly gained popularity among locals and visitors alike, laying the foundation for future growth and expansion. Momentum Coffee strives to have the best coffee in Chicago, and it shows in its quality and dedication to excellence. This first location also has a coworking and small event space.  

Opening Momentum Coffee Millennium Park

In November 2021 the opening of Momentum Coffee's Millennium Park location marked a significant milestone for the company. Located in the heart of the city, this new establishment showcased Momentum Coffee's commitment to providing an elevated coffee experience in a bustling urban setting. The addition of this fifth location solidified Momentum Coffee's presence and introduced its exceptional offerings to a broader audience.

Investing in Momentum Coffee Englewood

In November 2022, Momentum Coffee opened its third location in Englewood, a South Side neighborhood with a rich cultural history. The Englewood location was designed to provide a comfortable space for customers to enjoy delicious coffee while also serving as a hub for community engagement. The addition of the Englewood location represented a significant milestone for Momentum Coffee and further expanded the company's reach in the city.

Expansion into North Lawndale

In February 2023, Momentum Coffee opened its second location in North Lawndale, an underserved community in Chicago's West Side. The move demonstrated the company's commitment to providing excellent coffee to all Chicagoans, regardless of their location. The North Lawndale location received a warm welcome from the community and became an instant hit.

The Future: Momentum Coffee Austin

Momentum Coffee continues to innovate and expand, with plans to open its fifth location in Austin in June 2023. The Austin location will feature a modern and chic design, providing customers with a welcoming space to enjoy coffee and connect with the community. With the opening of the Austin location, Momentum Coffee is poised to become a significant player in Chicago's coffee scene, providing exceptional coffee and building strong relationships with the community.

Upholding Excellence and Community Engagement

Throughout its journey of growth and expansion, Momentum Coffee has remained committed to its core values. The company continues to prioritize quality, sourcing premium beans, and training knowledgeable baristas. Additionally, Momentum Coffee actively engages with the local community, supporting charitable causes, hosting community events, and partnering with local artists. By upholding its dedication to excellence and community engagement, Momentum Coffee has built a loyal customer base and made a positive impact on the neighborhoods it serves.

Momentum Coffee's journey of growth and community engagement demonstrates the company's commitment to providing excellent coffee and building strong relationships with the community. With multiple locations across the city and plans for further expansion, Momentum Coffee has established itself as a significant player in Chicago's coffee scene. Momentum Coffee believes the power of coffee to empower people and communities.

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