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Englewood's Black-Owned Coffee Shop: Momentum Coffee

By :Tracy Powell 0 comments
Englewood's Black-Owned Coffee Shop: Momentum Coffee

A new coffee shop is making waves in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. It’s a business with a mission to not only serve up great coffee, but also add some economic empowerment to the community. Meet Momentum Coffee Englewood, the only Black-owned coffee shop in Englewood and the newest addition to this historic Chicago neighborhood.

Nikki Bravo and Tracy Powell are entrepreneurs with a passion for providing great coffee and an even greater purpose. With their eye on economic empowerment, they opened up Momentum Coffee Englewood at 1122 W 63rd St in November 2022 to provide jobs and opportunity to those living in Englewood. The two knew that they wanted to create something special, so they reached out to local talent for help. From baristas to muralists and designers, every aspect of their business was planned with local Englewood residents in mind.

The space itself is a bright, cozy location —perfect for grabbing a cup of coffee on the go.  The walls are adorned with artwork from a local artist which adds an extra layer of beauty and culture to the atmosphere. The menu offers plenty of options from espresso drinks to breakfast sandwiches and pastries.

Momentum Coffee Englewood is more than just a place where you can get your morning caffeine fix—it’s an oasis for connection within the Englewood community. By providing quality coffee alongside  opportunities to engage that are open to all residents of Chicago's South Side neighborhoods, Momentum Coffee Englewood seeks to build on what is truly special about the area and build something that  will be sure to benefit both visitors and locals alike for years to come! Whether you're looking for good conversation or simply looking for a cup of delicious coffee brewed by passionate baristas who care about their community — Momentum Coffee Englewood has got you covered!  Stop by - we know you will feel the power of Momentum!

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