The Black Shop Friday Initiative is a community-driven initiative that encourages Chicagoans and beyond to “spend green, shop black” as they shop online and order food to go this holiday season. Black Shop Friday was developed by OKRP who brought together the Chicago Urban League, the City of Chicago, its client Camelot and the Illinois Lottery, and communications firm Edelman to bring the idea to life. The launch is a part of the Mayor’s new initiative, By Chicago, For Chicago – a commitment to dedicate a percentage of all hours worked towards non-profit, social and cultural organizations and City agencies. “Chicago Cares,” which is a volunteer initiative that encourages Chicagoans to step up and help their communities in new ways.

Black Shop Friday is about more than just shopping black for the holidays; it also gives customers an opportunity to shop local at small businesses across the city of Chicago through its website.

Momentum Coffee and Coworking is proud to have been a part of last year's Black Shop Friday campaign, and is excited to hopefully celebrate the second year of this event. The shop has partnered with over 100 Black-owned businesses that are offering deals all day on Black Friday.

Being one of the newest businesses in the Southloop area, Momentum Coffee would like to provide our neighbors with an opportunity to shop local while learning about the Black-owned businesses in their own backyard. We are so proud that despite the pandemic, there are still Black-owned businesses striving.

This year, Black Shop Friday will again have vendor pop-ups in the shop. Giving exposure to more local small businesses . This shop local event will continue to provide businesses with the opportunity to reach new customers, market their products and services/products, as well as encourage people to shop locally.

Now that Momentum Coffee has opened its coworking area, it would be nice to also offer the space for Black shop Friday. Last year's campaign received great feedback from customers who loved being able to shop local right in their neighborhood while learning about other Black-owned businesses from around the city of Chicago .

Momentum Coffee owner Nikki Bravo said that "the Black Shop Friday Initiative is a great example of how independent coffee shops like ours can play an important role in supporting local communities - it's really cool seeing all the different types of organizations coming together for this."

This shop local movement has been growing over the past few years--but now seems more needed than ever before. As shopping online becomes increasingly popular each holiday season, it’s easy to forget about your community when you are just buying items from Amazon or other large retailers. While there are definitely perks in going out and exploring small businesses in your own community, it’s also important to shop local, buy from smaller businesses and support the growth of Black-owned entrepreneurs.

We are happy that we can be a part of this shop local movement in our neighborhood--and hope that you will shop with us on Friday!

Momentum Coffee is proud to have been a part of last year's Black Shop friday campaign, which is why we are excited for its return. This shop local event will continue to provide businesses an opportunity to reach new customers as well as foster unity among people who need it most during these trying times for our country.

Want to be a vendor at our next-pop? Please sign up here.

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